About CC Biker

Carroll Companies, Inc.

Carroll Companies was born almost three decades ago when two brothers decided to leave the security of their factory jobs and attempt to make it on their own in the Leather business. The company is still family owned but its product line has expanded from the original Leather wallets to include almost anything made of Leather.

From the beginning, Carroll Companies, Inc. has embodied the principles necessary to offer the highest quality products and services.  We concentrate on the basics: commitment, hard work and most importantly, 100% customer satisfaction.

With all of our manufacturing resources--both in the US and abroad---CCI has proudly become the industry leader in innovative styling, quality and customer service. We continue to pursue a new era of product development that allows us to capture the spirit of the open road and we encourage you to continue relying on us as a strong partner in a long-lasting relationship.  We appreciate you patronage, your partnership and your friendship.

Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company and Interstate Leather are registered trademarks and are owned and operated by Carroll Companies, Inc.